About Us

Deborah RayAlan RayPrincipal Owner and Agent, Deborah Ray has been in the insurance business for over 13 years. Starting out in 2003, conducting commercial insurance inspections for Insurance Services Offices (ISO), she has had extensive training in property & casualty insurance, including risk management. She provided detailed underwriting reports to some of the most respected insurance carriers in the insurance industry. In 2007 Deborah decided to become a Commercial Insurance Producer (agent), doing what she loved, learning about the businesses of others and using her skills to assist clients to make informed decisions when selecting insurance coverage and managing risk.

In 2014 Deborah and her husband Alan Ray, opened Trinity Insurance Agency Inc. . Alan and Deborah are both 5th Generation Oregonians. In the past 32 years, together they have experience as business owners in the Construction, Restaurant, and Real Estate industries. They understand and appreciate the challenges that businesses face every day and the importance of protecting the very assets business owners work so hard for. Together they are committed to providing excellent service to their customers and offering the very best in coverage at the most competitive rates.